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Jun 17 2017

Nevada DMV Self-Service Kiosks #auto #insurance #henderson #nv


Self-Service Kiosks

The Nevada DMV and private partners are pleased to offer self-service kiosks at many DMV offices and partner locations throughout the Silver State.

Kiosk transactions are simple and fast. Your records are updated instantly. The kiosk dispenses your registration and plate decal or driver history printout on the spot. Services are offered in English and Spanish with voice assistance.

Processing Fees and Payment Options

Kiosks charge a processing fee of $3 for registration renewals and $1 for all other transactions. Services offered on the kiosks are also available online or by mail. The choice is yours!

You may pay with cash at kiosks in the DMV offices and select partner locations. All kiosks accept checks, Visa, Master Card and Discover.

Visa and Mastercard debit cards are processed as credit cards. Choose Credit if asked.

We encourage you to pay by cash or check. This saves your taxpayer dollars through reduced fees. The kiosk will read your check and return it to you.

Kiosk Services Top ↑

Registration Renewal

Kiosks will accept either the access code or bar code from your renewal notice or the license plate number and last 4 digits of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). You must complete a smog check first if one is required for your vehicle.

Bring your Evidence of Insurance card and driver’s license in case you need to verify your insurance coverage. You can check this on our Registration and Insurance Status Inquiry .

Kiosks can process your registration renewal approximately 35 days before expiration and up to 18 months late.

Kiosks cannot accept address changes or process fee credits. If you have an address change, please change your address and renew online through a MyDMV account .

Kiosk renewals also offer:

  • Tax exemptions for veterans, surviving spouses and the blind. Simply enter your voucher number. Contact your County Assessor to apply for an exemption for the first time or if the kiosk will not accept your number.
  • Complete Streets donations. Residents in Carson City, Clark, Douglas and Washoe counties have the option to make a $2 donation to the Complete Streets Program in their county. This program promotes the retrofitting of roads to benefit pedestrians, bicyclists, disabled persons, and motorists.
  • Three-year trailer renewals on the kiosks at DMV offices. If the kiosk you are using does not offer this option, it will direct you to the nearest location that does offer it.

Insurance Suspension Reinstatement

Vehicle registrations can be suspended for a lapse in insurance coverage. To reinstate the registration at a kiosk or online:

  • You must have the access code or bar code from the suspension notice.
  • The registration must be actually suspended (see the suspension date on the notice).
  • Your insurance company must have reported your current insurance to the DMV (reporting can take up to one month).
  • You must not have an SR-22 requirement as a condition of reinstatement (lapse of 90 days or more).

See Insurance for further information. The kiosks will process your registration renewal in the same transaction if the renewal is due.

Driver History Printout

You may obtain a three-year, nine-year or ten-year driver history report for insurance or employment purposes. You will need information from your current driver’s license to access this service.

See Driver History Reports for other options to get your own history. You may not use a kiosk to obtain another person’s history. Nevada has very restrictive privacy laws regarding access by third parties. See Public Records Access .

Duplicate Driver License, Instruction Permit or ID Card

You can order a duplicate driver license, instruction permit or ID card at a kiosk. We will use your existing photograph and mail the new card to you. You will receive it within 7-10 days.

Sorry, but you can’t order a duplicate if you had an address change since the card was last issued or if it is due to expire within 60 days. No duplicates for commercial licenses .

You may also wish to visit the Options page to review your choices under the federal Real ID Act .

See Driver License Fees for costs and add the $1 processing fee.

Driver License or ID Card Renewal

You may renew your driver license or ID card at a kiosk if you are eligible. You must have a renewal notice with an access code. If you received a post card asking you to renew in person, you must do so.

You may also wish to visit the Options pages to review your choices under the federal Real ID Act. If you renew at a kiosk, your license or ID will be marked NOT FOR FEDERAL OFFICIAL USE unless you have already obtained a Real ID.

We will use your existing photograph and mail the new card to you. You will receive it within 7-10 days. Sorry, no address changes or commercial license renewals .

See Driver License Fees for costs and add the $1 processing fee. Kiosks do not accept late license or ID renewals.

Real ID vs. Standard License/ID Top ↑

All applicants for a Nevada driver’s license or ID card must choose between a Real ID card or a standard Nevada license or ID.

If you use a kiosk for a renewal or duplicate, your new license or card will be marked NOT FOR FEDERAL OFFICIAL USE unless you have already obtained a Real ID license or card. See the Real ID Act in Nevada or the options pages listed above for more information.

Real ID licenses are marked with a gold circle and star

Standard licenses are marked NOT FOR FEDERAL OFFICIAL USE

Kiosk Locations Top ↑

The Kiosk Program Top ↑

The Nevada DMV unveiled a third generation of kiosks in February and March, 2012. New features included driver license and ID card renewals and duplicate licenses, instruction permits and ID cards.

The number of machines was also greatly expanded and they were placed in partnership locations in the Las Vegas and Reno communities. 14 new machines were installed in southern Nevada at UNLV, Albertsons stores and one convenience store. The Reno area received four new kiosks at UNR and Scolari’s locations. The department began charging a processing fee for kiosk transactions to help cover the cost of the expansion.

The kiosks handle approximately 45,000 transactions per month. These are Nevada motorists who would otherwise be standing in line to be served by a department technician. Total kiosk transactions passed 1 million in November, 2008 and 2 million in March, 2011.

In 2008, the DMV installed second-generation machines, pictured on the left. New features on these kiosks included driver history printouts, payment by check and the ability to dispense coins as change. These machines remain in service at DMV offices and some partner locations. They offer the same services as the newer kiosks.

The original DMV kiosks, pictured on the right, debuted in the spring of 2004.


The Nevada DMV kiosk program has won six national awards.

In 2012, the kiosks took Best of Show honors in the Government Bill Pay category at the Customer Engagement Technology World conference in San Francisco.

In 2006, Director Ginny Lewis was named Industry Deployer of the Year and the kiosks were named Best Kiosk Application for Government, Education or a Non-Profit Agency at the 2006 KioskCom Self-Service Expo in Las Vegas.

Also in 2006, the kiosks also won the Platinum Outstanding Achievement Award and two other awards at Self Service World magazine’s annual show in San Antonio, Texas.

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